You have the right to appeal the decision of the Ontario Player Development League (OPDL).

This decision may be appealed to ONTARIO SOCCER and may be appealed by any party affected by the decision.

The letter of appeal must specify your rationale for appealing the decision of the Ontario Player Development League. Your rationale must include evidence for one or more of the following grounds seeking leave for appealed on:

  1. Making a decision for which the Respondent did not have the authority or jurisdiction as set out in the applicable governing documents;
  2. New facts were not available when the decision was made ;
  3. Failing to properly interpret the relevant Published Rules;
  4. Failing to follow procedures as laid out in the relevant Publishes Rules;
  5. Making a decision that was influenced by bias
  6. Alleged excessive fine, fee, bond, or suspension.

Failure to provide adequate rationale will result in your appeal being disallowed.

The Appeal Application form with all supporting evidence and documents must be submitted in writing to Ontario Soccer by one of the following methods:

  1. Registered mail or recognized Courier Service
  2. Hand-delivery or
  3. E-mail


7601 Martin Grove Road

Vaughan, Ontario    L4L 9E4

Fax:       (905) 264-9445


Registrants and or registered organizations who wish to seek leave to appeal a decision will have fourteen (14) days from the date on which they received notice of the decision together with their Rights to Appeal, to submit the following:

  1. Completed Ontario Soccer Appeal Application Form
  2. Intentions of Appeal
  3. Grounds for appeal
  4. All evidence that supports these grounds, including all documents
  5. The remedy or remedies requested
  6. A copy of the written decision being appealed, or the Appellant’s understanding of the decision
  7. A signature of the Appellant or authorized representative of the Appellant
  8. Evidence of payment of any outstanding fees, fines or bonds
  9. Include the Appeal Fee $500.00 (Certified Cheque made payable to Ontario Soccer)

 It is the responsibility of the Governing Organization (Ontario Soccer Discipline and Appeals) to advise all relevant parties about the appeal and to provide them with a copy of the appeal.

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