Game # 2064Boys U15 Trillium

Saturday, Oct 1, 2022
Wesley Clover Turf @ 15:45

Field Manager: Joe Scheier (613) 295-9926
OPDL Coordinator: Shobin Sajan (343) 777-3374

Alexandra BLOWER
Alexander CROSIER


West Ottawa B15





Cambridge United B15

Royal Blue



Field Details:

Change Rooms are available. They are located just before the entrance to the field.

Portable Washrooms are available onsite

There is a designated Home and Away seating area. Small bleachers are available.

Parking is available onsite.

Queensway Carleton Hospital

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For GPS purposes, 401 Corkstown Road will take you to the campgrounds and the fields are less than 1 kilometer away.

Field Rules:
•Only players and coaches may be on the fields.
•Clean up after using the field.
•Go around the fields to get to your destination, do
not cross the fields as a short cut.
•No warm ups, speed and agility training, keeper
training, etc. are done on the playing fields. Use
the space behind the nets or off to the side.
•Absolutely no warm ups in the 18 yard box.
•No Smoking.
•No Golf.
•No Alcohol.
•No Dogs.
•No climbing on goals, nets or fences.
•No playing on “Out of Service” fields.


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ASBlain G13PreOTFC G13
AS Laval B13PreWOttawa B13
AS Laval G14defWOttawa G14
ASBlain G14defOTFC G14
ASBlain B13PreOTFC B13
AS Laval B14defWOttawa B14
ASBlain B14defOTFC B14
Pierre G13PreOttawaSU G13
Pierre B13PreOttawaSU B13
Pierre B14defOttawaSU B14


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