1Longueuil B143300171169
2RS Beauport B143201182166
3St. Hubert B142200131126
4Rapides G1422007076
5Rapides B1422008356
6RS Beauport G143201812-46
7Pierrefonds B1421102114
8Longueuil G14311115-44
9Monteuil G1411005053
10St. Hubert G1411004043
11Monteuil B1411004133
12Blainville B1421014403
13RS Beauport B1330300003
14Longueuil G1320200002
15Rapides B1320200002
16RS Beauport G1320200002
17St. Hubert B1320200002
18St. Hubert G1320200002
19Blainville B1310100001
20Longueuil B1310100001
21Monteuil B1310100001
22Monteuil G1310100001
23Pierrefonds B1310100001
24Pierrefonds G1310100001
25Rapides G1310100001
26Blainville G1300000000
27Blainville G14200228-60
28Pierrefonds G142002016-160

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OTFC B13defSt. Hubert B
OTFC G13defSt. Hubert G
KUSC G13defRSB G13
OTFC G14defSt. Hubert G
KUSC B13defRSB B13
WOSC G13defRapides G13
OTFC B14defSt. Hubert B
KUSC B14defRSB B14
WOSC G14defRapides G14
KUSC G14defRSB G14
WOSC B13defRapides B13
WOSC B14defRapides B14


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